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Real physical computer stuff. Servers, laptops and solutions to keep you and your data safe; a vital part of your business! We have solid proven kit and the very latest in tech.


I just want a phone on my desk and to pick it up when it rings! This is just the start of what we can offer with our traditional or hybrid systems. Systems, lines and very cheap calls all in here.


We have got this Cloud thing nailed. In truth its been here for 10 years but the adoption now is huge. Let us help you make it a good experience with proven products and technology.

Advertising and Music on Hold

Make your system sell for you! For less than £200 we can turn any telephone system into a promotional tool.

Take the Cobalt challenge!

When was the last time you reviewed the lines you've got against the lines you need? Talk to us about a review and we'll guarantee to save you money!

Our new Telephone System in the cloud!

This will take your business to the next level, and better still, it's pretty darn cheap!

The wait is finally over!

Superfast fibre broadband available NOW in Marsh Barton


Cobalt Cloud

Really exciting times at Cobalt Towers with the addition to our product portfolio. 

We view all of our individual products as our toolbox, and nothing goes in that we haven’t broken and then rebuilt. We test everything to a real OCD level. Jim our Sales Director is known as being a bit clumsy, so we give him everything to test from a hardware prospective (if it makes it past him it'll make it to you!) 

We start this process by finding...

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Digital Transformation

I attended a very important Microsoft event today and was lucky enough to listen to Richard Reed, a Founder of Innocent Drinks, and Satya Nadella who is the CEO of Microsoft.

Richard's passion about his brand and product is infectious, and this is bottled in their products. 97% of their team are engaged with the business. This is somewhat higher than the average of 75%. He explained this was done by a common passion and communication. He didn't speak about any technology at a technology event, but he did talk about the little...

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Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology or Innovation?

Like it, love it or loathe it, technology affects us all every day. Disruptive Innovation has been changing businesses and the way that we do things for years. Wikipedia killed off Traditional Encyclopedias. Rail and Lorries killed off canal boats. More recently you have LED technology making huge impact and savings over old style bulbs.

What does this mean to us as consumers and our business?

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Broadband Rant

I know that to some in my industry the fact that I used dial up and a modem to get access to the internet from 1994 on Pipex Dial whilst I was at Uni makes me a fossil! To this day I remember my password for my first Eclipse internet account - BKXDOKBP. 

You dialed up and tried to imitate the screaming sound with a whistle while the modems did their handshake. You jump on to Altavista and do a search, get what you need and turn it off. My first modem was...

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Ten things to think about when buying a new Telephone System

We dont all buy new Telephone systems every day.  In fact on average your new phone system should last you around six to seven years, (longer for Hosted Telephony).  If you are going to take the plunge and buy a new system and its not the sort of thing you look at every day then what should you look for?

Here is what I would consider the top ten things to make sure that your new supplier has in place to support you and your new purchase:

  1. Does your supplier have direct relationships with the manufacturer?  (A lot...

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Westcountry Digital industry salaries are some of the best in the UK

We see a lot of white papers cross our desk at Cobalt Towers. One did catch my eye yesterday:  The Government white paper "Tech Nation 2016" in partnership with Nesta talks about the Technical and Digital economy in the UK.  A very dry subject I hear you say but Exeter and the South West have a great write up and come out very well.

Did you know that the Digital Technical economy in the UK current provides 1.56 million jobs and is growing 3% faster than the rest of the economy while they turnover £161 billion which is an astounding 32% faster...

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So if they say ISDN is dead what do we do now?

As you may or may not know BT have now announced that they plan to remove ISDN from the market by 2025.  This is a bold statement as the vast majorty of UK businesses rely on ISDN to make and recieve thier Telephone calls every day.  Although we would of course love customers to rush out and buy a new Hosted Telephone system the change does not have to be as fundamental as you might think.

Most Telephone systems (certainly most that were bought in the last five years) will have the ability to migrate to SIP.  "SIP Trunks" are lines...

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Stop Texting me!


I have got back to my Mobile after a morning of meetings only to find that I have had three text messages from companies who have never asked if they can send me thier latest special offers! 

We all have Junk mail and Clutter on our computers to hoover this up but are given no choice when its a Text mesage.

Finaly the Telephone industry is starting to catch up!  Ofcom (The UK Telecoms Regulator) announced three weeks ago a new "Text to Register" service which will be managed by the Telephone Preference Service.  The TPS tell us that less than 50%...

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Whats the point of Networking?

Having just come from another Networking Lunch where I had bumped in to a couple of Colleagues who I saw at a different event the week before I was asked, "Why do I bother going to all these different events?"  I am known as a bit of a serial networker and the reason is simple; its proven to continually generate business for me over many years.  As I see it there are ten reasons why we should all get out there and speak to each other:

  1. People like to help each other out.  Networking events are full of Business owners who...

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Dont buy a phone system!

Technology is great! 

Five years ago all we sold were Telephone systems that sit on the wall in the corner of your office and click occiasionally.  You would plug some Phone lines in one side and then plug some Telephones in the other side and you were good to go, the box would sit in the corner gathering dust.  A few years down the line you would want to add a new feature or plug in some more phones only to be told "Your box does not do that, now you need to buy this one!"  and so it goes on....


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Two weeks. Three Countries and a huge variety of projects completed.


Followers of my Facebook and twitter always comment on how much I am away and how lucky I am.

Well they are right I do manage to fit a lot into the weeks for both the business and myself.  The last two weeks have been great and seen a few miles travelled.    So I know four lines in you want to know what this blog is about?

This is about how I manage my working time and technology whilst making sure I have fun and get the work done to the high standards that I expect and my customers deserve.

Equipment used over the...

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